Christiana (albionwaltz) wrote in beauteousbunch,


In this week and a day that I've been grounded from the computer, I've written three songs and lyrics for four songs. I've got auditions for band members coming up in two weeks. I've started a job and I've been having quality time with my sister before she moves. I've been doing things I've really been wanting to do.

I woke up this morning and realized I don't have time for these types of communities anymore, and frankly I don't care about these types of communities anymore. I hope one of you will carry on my law of not accepting anyone that likes Yellowcard [because, frankly, they're a terrible band], Evanescence, or Norah Jones. And rejecting someone for Avril and Good Charlotte is a given, of course.

If you ever got the slight idea that I may like you as a person, then feel free to add me. On iamjohngalt, though [private journal]. Unless of course you like entries solely revolving on the topic of selling way cute purses; in that case you should add this one too.

And so it's not text-only....

[In the middle, in the theatre at the Harry Potter midnight showing. I know I said I was going to dress up.... but then I got carried away in my closet.]

Goodbye, lovelies.

P.S. Everyone should join blablablah
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